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Ludus III Gold

  • Blow Back: yes
  • Hop Up: yes
  • Weight: 1015 g
  • Material: Aluminum
  • FPS: 300
  • Magazine: 26 rds)
  • Outer barrel length: 140 mm
  • Inner barrel length: 110 mm
  • Inner barrel diameter: 6.06 mm
  • CO2 magazine included
  • SPQR grip included
  • It includes a base that can be removed and replaced by a RMR platform and high sights to mount a RMR
  • Additional CO2 magazine
  • Additional gas magazine
  • Additional compensator compatible with LUDUS and RUDIS series and other 1911/Hi-capa brands with the same thread:
  • Black compensator
  • Gold compensator
  • Silver compensator

On the LUDUS marking you can read “Divide et impera”, that means “Divide and conquer”.

  • Mechanism: CO2 Blow Back
  • Serie: HI-CAPA

"LUDUS" Sacred land of gladiators preparing for their destiny. The home where they train. The terrain where, failure after failure, excellence and improvement are achieved to evolve into something better. The LUDUS represents the internal fight with yourself to be faster, stronger and become the best version of yourself to defeat your enemies.